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The most famous Chinese wulong, Da Hong Pao reflects the character and earth of Wuyi Mountain rock wulong. Traditionally roasted over charcoal in a process that lasts months, its bold red infusion has a layered mineral body with a sweet, enduring finish. This well-crafted Da Hong Pao is beloved by seasoned rock wulong drinkers and is also a wonderful option for new tea drinkers.

Da Hong Pao Tea Fast Facts

  • Origin: Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujianm China
  • Flavor: toasty complex flavor with deep nuances of peach and floral tones
  • Temperature: 195°F - 212°F
  • Caffeine: 60-70 mg per cup
  • Weight: 10 grams (.4 oz) per package
  • Makes: 2-3 cups
  • Price per cup: $

Da Hong Pao Tea's Flavor

Our Da Hong Pao tea has a full bodied, toasty flavor with complex flavor notes and a long, lingering finish. Hints of peach and dark molasses carry through the palate.

It takes time and effort to find high quality crops in Fujian, and our tea partners in Shanghai are great at what they do! They select high quality Wuyi oolong, a heritage roasted Da Hong Pao, known in English as either 'Grand Scarlet Robe' or 'Big Red Robe.'

How to Make Da Hong Pao Tea

Measure out the quantity of leaves you want to steep and rinse the leaves with boiling water. While it's true that 'rinsing' removes dust that has settled on the tea during the aging process, it is more importantly used to 'awaken' the leaves before you infuse them. To rinse your da hong pao tea, place the tea leaves in a brewing vessel, pour near-boiling water over them and then quickly discard the water.

After you've rinsed your da hong pao, you're ready to steep it. Bring your water to 212°F, and steep for 15 to 30 seconds (if not using a tea holder) or three to five minutes (if using a tea holder). Some people prefer to use fully boiling water for a stronger flavor.

Health Benefits

Da Hong Pao is touted as tea that supports weight loss, but like all teas, we don't recommend consuming it as a dieting tool, but rather as an enjoyable part of a healthy diet.

This Wulong (Oolong tea) contains special compounds. Researchers at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan found that drinking wulong tea 15 minutes before eating foods high in carbohydrates curbed insulin spikes, thus reducing some of the fattening effects of carbohydrate intake. Studies also show that drinking wulong tea during or after a high-cholesterol meal has been shown to inhibit the intake of fat content in the blood.