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Meirun KN95 masks package of 10
Meirun KN95 masks FDA certified package of 10
Meirun KN95 masks FDA certified package of 10
Meirun KN95 masks
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Meirun KN95 masks FDA certified package of 10
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Meirun KN95 masks FDA certified package of 10
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Meirun KN95 High Efficiency Filter Mask 10-pack

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NOTE: These are non-medical grade FDA and CE certified masks from Meriun, a company that has been making masks for 30 years. They have passed testing for the highest standards and are manufactured in factories dedicated to the production of medical devices.

These KN95 masks have passed FDA standards, as well as CE Certification standards EN 149.2001 +A1 2009 and have KN95 GB262-2006 certification. Copies of the certification and testing certificates are in the product images.

This Meirun KN95 High Efficiency Filter Mask keeps you and your family safe. You already know that masks keep you safe when in public. Still you need a quality mask that is comfortable and fits correctly. The fact is, these KN95 masks are safe and comfortable.

You can use each mask safely for up to 72 hours!

  • Pricing: Price is for a 10-pack of masks
  • Click here to link to our YouTube video on how to reuse your mask safely.

    The KN95 masks keep YOU safe, by preventing 95% of all liquid and oil droplets from penetrating the protective barrier!


    With a filtration efficiency of more than 95%, these KN95 Respiratory Masks are a great choice for use on airplanes, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and other public spaces.

    You already know how important it is to stay home.

    Still, you have to go out for groceries, and perhaps even to the doctor's office.

    Safeguard your family with the comfort and quality these KN95 masks provide.

    • Comfortable on the skin
    • Low respiratory resistance

    The fact is that wearing a mask reduces the chance of you catching Covid-19 or other viruses.

    The more people who stay healthy, the less burden placed on an already stressed healthcare system.

    You will be doing your part to allow doctors to care for others who get seriously ill.


    • The masks are reusable and can be used for 2-3 days (up to 72 hours)
    • A mask should NOT be reused if they have any chance of droplets having landed on them
    • Specification: 10 masks included in one package
    • A mask should NOT be reused if you have touched it with unwashed hands, it has been put on or removed improperly, or it was placed on a contaminated surface

    Not sure whether you should wear a mask? Learn more about masks and mask safety here.

    PLEASE EMAIL for discounts on orders of 100 masks or more.


    • Provides 360 degree protection and comfortable breathing zone
    • Flexible soft metal nose clip provides a 3D contoured, custom fit with secure seal
    • 5 layers of protection including an electrostatic filter (see photos below)
    • High quality elastic ear band makes the mask easy to wear and comfortable, without slippage

    Specific Product Information

    • Product Name: HL-0114 folding KN95 high efficiency filter mask
    • Materials: Non-Woven Fabric, KN95 Filter Material
    • Executive Standard: National Standard GB2626-2006 KN95 Level
    • Scope of Application: It can be used to prevent industrial dust, spray, fog, daily travel, etc.


    • Please try on your mask and check its tightness before entering the contaminated area.
    • When you feel that the respiratory resistance increases, or the mask is contaminated by droplets of any kind, it should be replaced immediately.
    • This mask should not be refitted or cleaned
    • This mask does not produce oxygen and cannot be used in an environment with oxygen concentration lower than 17%.  It can only be used in a well ventilated area

    Storage Conditions

    • Normal temperature storage, relative humidity not more than 80%. 
    • Should not be exposed fire, rain, acid, alkali, or avoid direct sunlight
    • Storage Life 3 years


    • This mask can’t protect against harmful gas or steam
    • It doesn’t produce oxygen and can’t be used in anoxic environment
    • It can’t be used in oil mist environment
    • Avoid sharp corners when bending nose clip and put fingers on the inside of the nose clip when folding mask.




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