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Herbal Sachet
Herbal sachet hanging in a car
Herbal sachet hanging in office
Herbal sachet hanging on door knob
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Herbal Sachet

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Herbal Sachet to Strengthen Your Lungs and Boost Immunity

Radiant Shenti's exclusive and beautiful Chinese herbs sachets add an extra layer of protection to everything you do to boost your immunity.

These sachets have a subtle, clean, and natural smell that is inviting and not overwhelming. You can feel a sense of glowing health and energy around you.

As one of our clients says, "I can smell it working!"

Herbal Sachet Use in China

Wearing sachets with pleasant, healing aromas is a common practice in China. People understand aroma therapy and the other health benefits of sachets.

When faced with viruses, Chinese medicine doctors and researchers in China often draw upon records from 1,000 years ago.

At that time, China suffered from an outbreak of a similar virus that affected the lungs and spleen. In response, doctors from that era developed two herbal formulas to deal with the outbreak: 1) to drink as a tea and 2) an external formula to wear as a sachet.

Doctors in China have recently tested this original formula and found that the protective effects worked well for the current situation.

Herbal Sachet Contents

These herbal sachets contain the external formula which includes:

  • Astragalus - sweet, fresh smell of an open field
  • Stractylodes macrocephala - pleasant smelling rhizomes when dry
  • Forshythia - the scent is very honey-like with a light hyacinth essence and a touch of violet
  • Ageratum - it has a pleasant fresh anise-like (black licorice) sort of smell
  • Windbreak herbal formula - it has a soft, almost patchouli-like smell

How does the herbal sachet work? It has two effects:

  1. Much like essential oils have been found to kill viruses, or how plants repel bugs with certain aromas, the sachet’s aroma repels viruses such as influenza and the current virus. (I can send you the study details and link if you would like.)
  2. The chemical compounds of this particular combination of herbs boost lung strength, helping you fight off viruses that might penetrate other defenses.

How do you use the herbal sachet?

  1. Wear the sachet on a necklace or hold in your hands whenever you leave the home.
  2. Hang the sachet in your car or any room in the home to help resist the virus in these locations.

It’s that simple!

You add one layer of protection to help keep yourself healthy.

Our Chinese herbal sachets are perfect to wear and hang in your car, office, and home!

More about this Herbal Sachet Formula

Information about the herbal formula used in the sachets was presented at a press conference April 17, 2020 by the Chinese government's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council.

One of the presenters was Wang Qi, a professor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine who introduced this sachet as part of China's comprehensive anti-epidemic package.

How do the herbal medicines work?

  • They correct the movement of qi in the body
  • Regulate the internal functioning of the organs
  • Improve immunity
  • The aroma prevents migration of viruses by changing the environment so they cannot attach
  • Research by Dr. Qi's team has found that the sachet can stimulate serum lgA and lgG levels to improve immunity

Dr. Lin also presented and was involved in the development of the herbal remedy. His inspiration for the formula came from written records of an illness 1,000 years ago that attacked the lungs and spleen in a similar manner to the current situation.

While functional, these sachets are sweet and joyful in appearance. The colors were specifically chosen for their meanings as well:

  • Yellow is the color of royalty and brings the owner prosperity. Yellow also represents the Earth element which relates to the Spleen, an important organ for digestion and health.
  • Blue is often used to represent the Wood element and Liver, which stands for growth, flexibility, and change. Times are definitely changing and supporting your Wood element and Liver at this time will help you adjust to that changes around you.
  • Gold represents wealth and prosperity. Who couldn't use more of those!

Cautions and Notes:

  • These sachets are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY
  • Keep far away from children and animals
  • Call Poison Control immediately if ingested
  • If you do not like earthy, floral aromas, or if you are allergic to natural perfumes, DO NOT buy the sachet
  • We cannot accept returns

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Perfect for my car and home

These herbal sachets not only kill germs but freshen my car and home. Great!