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Lily Rejuvenating Seven Facial Oil Treatment

Lily Rejuvenating Seven Facial Oil Treatment

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Re-knits collagen and reduces wrinkles and the appearance of dry lines.

The name says it all! This rich blend of organic oils is particularly suited for dryer, mature skin and for those who prefer a very emollient-rich oil. The inclusion of primrose and rosehip seed oils in this formula qualifies it as a splendid facial oil with rejuvenating results. You can pat your Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment on your temples to alleviate stress induced headaches.

Who it’s for: For people living in dry climates who have super dry skin and want a cure now.

Why it works so well:

  • Contains primrose oil which has high amounts of very rare essential fatty acids, including the rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which only occurs in a few plants and in Mother’s milk.
  • Rosehip seed oil has been proven to be effective in reducing the early signs of aging and adding luster to dull skin.

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