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Collection: How to Use Gua Sha Stone

How to Use Gua Sha Stone

How to use gua sha stone is a question we're asked all of the time.

You deserve to know the proper methods we teach professional estheticians.

When you buy Radiant Shenti gua sha stones, you will receive valuable resources that help you use and care for your stones properly.

Your skin and body will thank you.

Spring and Summer Gua Sha Stone Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gifts

Dads work hard all day long. As a result, they often feel depleted, and sometimes inadequate. The right gua sha stones can help dads feel energized, less stressed, and more confident.

Here are great options when choosing for dad:

  • Green Aventurine is the perfect choice when dads feel that they do not have enough time, and who feel frustrated and resentful when they don't get things done. It is also especially for people who always feel drained. They're so preoccupied with managing life, they don't pay attention to their own health.
  • Red (Fire) Agate enhances the power of other stones. It's perfect to use to recharge and energy positive energy of other stones. It also boosts immunity, something all fathers with children in school can use.
  • Rose Quartz is a perfect gift for dads needing a little extra confidence and self-love. Rose quartz strengthens dads' relationship with themselves, their significant others, and children. As a gift, it tells dad you love him and know how special he is.
  • Tiger Eye helps stop excessive worrying and overthinking, a common problem for most fathers. It is also great for reducing feelings of lethargy and exhaustion, something all dads can use. Lastly, mothers often feel inadequate, without any reason. Tiger eye clears feelings of inadequacy so dads can celebrate all the good they do everyday.
  • White Jade nourishes dads' energy and prevents premature aging. We all need a little bit of that.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Brides have unique worries and needs. How to use gua sha stone ideas give you really fun ways to give the bride-to-be a little extra boost and love.

The bride can use any gua sha stone for beautiful skin and great health, but here are some special ideas just for brides:

  • Black Obsidian is known to prevent "cold feet," the nervousness a bride may feel before getting married.
  • White Jade brings balance to a marriage. If the couple places the white jade stone in the south corner of their home, they will keep their individuality and enjoy equality in their marriage.
  • Rose quartz supports emotional warmth and openness to physical intimacy.

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Radiant Shenti carries top quality gua sha crystals to help enhance the healing and lifting effects of your gua sha massage.

Let us be your guide on how to heal your body with gems and minerals!

Explore our collection to learn more on how to use gua sha stone.

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